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equality objectives

Public Sector Equality Duty 2021-25 (To be reviewed annually)

We aim to “grow a vibrant community of exceptional people”, equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of this.

We are required to publish equality information as well as equality objectives, which show how we plan to reduce or remove particular inequalities or disadvantages. This information is reviewed and updated annually.

The equality duty supports good education and improves pupil outcomes. It helps us as a Trust to identify priorities such as underperformance, poor progression, and bullying. It does this by requiring it to collate evidence, take a look at the issues and consider taking action to improve the experience of different groups of pupils. It then helps us to focus on what can be done to tackle these issues and to improve outcomes by developing measurable equality objectives.

Full details of the requirements placed on schools are included in the Public Sector Equality Duty Guidance for Schools in England, published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Objective 1 – Curriculum

To review and update the curriculum in each school to ensure that it has a greater impact on the cultural understanding and awareness of different religious beliefs and different ethnic groups within our community

This objective was chosen to make our curriculum more relevant to our community and to increase community cohesion, tolerance and understanding.

Progress is monitored through the curriculum Reflective Development Meeting and the Trust Flightdeck.

Objective 2 – Progress

To close the academic progress gap between boys and girls at KS4, especially in English.

This objective was chosen as it is the most significant gap across the Trust with boys performing significantly worse than girls.

Progress is monitored through the KS4 and 5 Reflective Development Meeting and the Trust Flightdeck

Objective 3- Participation

To systematically monitor and promote the involvement of all groups of students in the extra-curricular life of the school, including leadership opportunities.

This objective was chosen as we are currently unclear of the level of variation between different groups of students, and we want all groups of students to benefit from this as part of the next phase of the development of our community.

Progress is monitored through the Reflective Development Meeting and the Trust Flightdeck

Objective 4- Recruitment

To endeavour to ensure that the staff body and representation of staff in leadership roles is reflective of the local community by developing a proactive recruitment and retention strategy.

Progress is monitored through the staff Reflective Development Meeting and the Trust Flightdeck.  This is also evidenced through analysis of the Gender Pay Gap Reporting arrangements. 

Objective 5- Restorative Practice

To embed restorative practice in all that we do across the Trust.

This objective has been chosen to increase empathy between individuals and groups leading to improved social cohesion. 

Progress is being monitored through the pastoral Reflective Development Meeting


Reviewed: February 2024